Our Mission: An international WikiWikiWeb on live roleplaying

TilmannHolst has occasionally remarked on his dream of an international LarpWiki.

The idea has gained fresh momentum from the LarpRevolution? article and some remarks on the Ordo Solis Forum.

Who is willing to participate in planning, co-ordination, tests, internationalization, etc.? It all seems a bit too much work for one guy alone.

There’ll be some technical i18n-issues with the software. There’s no real hurry though.

Several LarpWikiBewohner know english but we’ll need a large team to handle the different languages. Key issues will probably be making contacts, recruiting good participants and getting initial content. There’ll be some localization issues.

Is there a common term for live role playing? Germans call it LARP, the british LRP, the scandinavians Laiv or Lajv. How do you make such a project known? Read more: terms

--RalfHuels, 2004-04-20 (liberally quoting TilmannHolst)