LarpSoftware? Yes. It is out there. Most projects remain private, a few are available at the web.

Probably many self written CSV, perl, Access, (…) solutions exists. But is some mature LARP software out there?

On 2001 I Giuseppe with Marco Di Natale (aka Leone), we wrote a complete PHP+MYSQL solution for manage events, character and player registration. this software is under the GPL license.

following modules are available:

- event create and manage an event

- online booking book for an event

- character create/manage a character with Df rules

- player create manage players informations

- Armour calc Your armour class with DF rules

following modules are on - plots create / manage plots online

Items, regions, monsters … create / manage

Right now we don’t have avalable for download. the original programm (and the tables on the SQL server) was deleted from the DF server so the actual status is that we have a prev version not the go live one. the second issue is that this was wrote for the DF’s business logic. For example each character is member of a DF faction. the third issue is that they are wrote as module for Post Nuke 7.03

This will ported to XPlay when the specs are ready.

:Do you have a link for us?

TilmannHolst 2004-05-06 18:56 UTC