LARP in Switzerland

Switzerland’s LARP-scene I know of is two-fold: the german speaking part is loosely associated to the southern german Honor system rules scene; whereas the french-speaking part is more leaning towards the french “rules”-oriented scene (and as mentionned in LARP in Belgium, “Gros Bill”).

This makes a pretty gap, not so much between the languages (most people in switzerland do speak both, at least to a degree), but between very different philosophies. For instance, the german part has also taken over the german maxime “armor has to be real”, whereas in the french speaking part you sometimes can see people in a full plate of plastic.

For about a decade, there was only one campaign in the german speaking part of Switzerland: Tikon; later joined by the Chipheads, a society which mostly did cyberpunk-larps. In the last year, however, a fledgeling culture of different organisators and campaigns developed, different in what they do in NPC or story-driven plot, but very alike in their understanding of rules (as little as possible) and general gameplay (playing with each other, not against).

Also of note: in the german speaking campaigns, so-called InFight? (grappling, holding your opponents, “raufen” in german) is considered normal.


SeeGras?, 26.05.2004

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