LARP in Italy

First and foremost it is important to stress that the Italian LARP situation is fragmented in many different styles, even more than in the rest of Europe. Fantasy Larp is still heavily influenced by its tabletop cousin, expecially when it comes to the creative part. Only in the last four years there has been an increasing attention towards true roleplaying.

Despite several efforts to build a national campaign in 1999, LARP in Italy consist of many different realities operating on different levels. The high parochialism between regions and even between organizations that operate in the same city should be noted. Most often these associations do not only not cooperate but even hinder each other whenever possible. Local groups usually keep their distance from bigger, nation-wide associations, most often because veteran organizers are reluctant to work together. Hopefully the new generation of organizers will prove to be better than their predecessors.

There is usually no cooperation nor any monetary support coming from any local government, most often due to their narrowminded attitude, and also because of inability of LARP associations to organize their actions effectively.

Common Elements of Italian LARP are:


  1. Anno Mille
  2. Elementzero
  3. La Festa del Drago
  4. Valhalla Viking Victory
  5. Era del Caos
  6. Time Riders
  7. Circolo delle nRue
  8. Gruppo Luce Nera
  9. Mistara & Dintorni
  10. Ranaan
  11. Federazione Fantasy
  13. Le Spire del Drago
  14. Festa di Pimavera
  15. Seconda Fondazione
  16. I Vicoli di Malastrana
  17. Comitato Altrove
  18. TerreSpezzate

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