LARP in Croatia

Croatian LARP started in early 90’s, and was dominated by LARP Ljetni Tabor, which was the largest (and until early 2000’s the only) event in Croatia, organized yearly, with population of 50-120 players. In mid 2000’s, the LARP community split over several playgroups. Fantasy LARP is the dominant form of LARP in Croatia, the rules used being a variant of Amtgard rules. Largest cluster of players is based in the city of Zagreb, while the city of Osijek also has a regular playgroup. Other form of LARP played in Croatia is Camarilla Vampire LARP, with players in Osijek, Rijeka and Istria.

The only registered Croatian LARP group is Ognjeni Mač, which organizes Fantasy LARP events - single-day events on their Maksimir LARP (held once or twice monthly) and multi-day events on their Jaska LARP (held twice annually). Other (unregistered) player groups hold their own fantasy LARP events, such as Žumberak, Krvomeđe and Ivanovac. Players can typically play the same character in all of those LARPs, transfering their character level - however, just a few of them do so. Regardless of the organizer, it’s typically run on a non-profit basis - pricing is either free or low (just enough to cover the expenses). Events typically have between 10 and 40 players.

There’s no industry of LARP suppliers of any kind - weapons, armor, or clothes. Armor and weapons are typically self-made, clothes are either self-made as well or custom-made by tailors. Sometimes workshops are organized where people can help or get help in crafting their own gear.

Fantasy LARP organizers usually perform all the organizing themselves - event organization, logistics, storytelling, and playing referees and NPC’s. In-game behaviour by everyone at all times is highly encouraged. Latex weapons are rarely used in combat - typically used weapons are more heavy padded duct tape weapons, with no sharp edges anywhere, because fighting is usually done in semi-contact fashion: people tend to strike hard, but avoid hitting the head or neck which are illegal shots.