LARP in Britain

LRP in the UK is very variable as there are many systems large and small. The large ‘fest’ systems are well-known in Europe as they have often been compared to the events of Drachenfest etc. In the past 8 years or so these large systems ( Lorien Trust , [[Curious_Pastimes?]] , Maelstrom ) have been shrinking in size and are now less based around an annual large festival event.

These large systems rely upon the persistent-world mechanic, so are aimed at players going to many events in a year. At each event you will play the same character, develop your own story with other characters, and interact with the plot as delivered by the system or through interaction with player groups. Because player characters can only be developed through ongoing play, combat is in some systems of low threat (LT) or in others something to try and avoid (CP).

There is a new type of event also being developed by a group called Scurvy Scum, aimed at bringing together LRP, re-enactment, matrial arts, and public entertainment. This is designed to have clearer ‘win’ conditions and is less focussed on story building or character development.

There are many smaller and local systems in the UK which are designed towards a one-time experience. However these are mostly too small to provide mass combat in the style that is common at large fest events such as the Gathering (LT), Renewal (CP). They do offer s great variety of different styles of game, from puzzle-solving, to character horror, to high combat. They exist in many different genres, including fantasy and sci-fi.

The good news is that there are now so many small systems in the UK there is an event somewhere almost every weekend of the year! A good source for discovering various UK systems and events is