This article is in the vision of an European LARP Federation about the main LARP offers in Europe, and about where to go to play this summer.

Upcoming Events


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The LARP world is growing on the general scale. The events present in this article show it (they do request a lot of energies).

The Drachenfest did show that the LARP world is ready to pass over the Gathering’s limitations to do something better. Avatar is the living example that even “little LARP realities” can do good.

Last, we saw in Germany how the medieval movement can give a very big contribution to LARP with organisation and materials.

The growth of the number of players does not always go with the growth of the organisations that continue to oscillate bewteen semi-professionality and amatorialism, without taking ever one road or the other. Indeed while the market grows with also an incredible number of new accessories (and new shops, of course), the players are not yet ready to accept (and pay for it) professional organisations or organisations that they are not familiar with.

This is shown on the many organisations that are still rotating around the old concept of “Master in control of everything, more or less helping, and responsible for every single happening in the event”.

In our modest opinion, the only possible solution is to evolve towards a true professionalism, democratisation and decentring of our beloved hobby.