European LARP Federation

ELF's Definition

Goals of ELF

Elf Home Page

The home page is started on the provissory address We will have success only making the ELF home page and project a comunityone

for that reason we look for an integration with similar, complementar projects like An integration similar to the network (see for an example the grey bar on top ).

The ELF home page is about news and communication from an European point of view and discussion. is knowledge an opinion.

The home page need publisher, graphic designer and Admins.


Following the goals above we want to produce open european rules.

XPlay is not a rule itself. Is an XML definion about how create standard Rules that are compilant. The first XPlay rule will start from the former NewOrder?/Conquest of Mythodea rules. to split it in core and plug ins. Plug-ins like: magic, hig magic, weapon check, referee, rituals, sieges , …

A first concept is in discussion here:


ELF support all big european event like , the Gathering, Drachenfest, Avatar, New Order, Conquest of Mythodea, etc..

Each year the community take one event as European forum to meet and play.

the emphasis this year is on CoM. Conquest of Mythodea promises discount of 75% for all foreign players, has English rules and has given the rules as free.