The Drachenfest is a relatively new event (events in 2001, 2002 and 2004) but that already left its sign. Both for the number of players (2000 the first year, 3000 the second and again at least 3000 in 2004) and for the quality of costumes, armors and excellent roleplay of the players. The players, like the organisation, did show an incredible gentleness and cordiality towards strangers. The experience of the organisators from Gathering events did show itself both on the game structure and on the relationships with foreigners.

The quality of german costumes is by far the most incredible that I ever saw. The organisation and the players are very careful about keeping the buildings/environment with techniques and materials “medieval”: you will not see a “wall” made of “innocent” metal tubes covered by tissue. A lot of this is due to the influence of the “medievalists” (see under).

In 2002 the various groups did bring on the battlefield dozens of Siege Engines and also a totally functional Fantasy Tank. The compact regolamento benefits the quality of interpretation by enticing to use only real armors. It has been translated in Italian and Dutch by some fans. There is a lot of freedom on how to play and the players have the total autonomy on organising themselves and command. War machines and one working fantasy tank .

All in all, the Drachenfest seemed to have all the right qualities to become the number one European event. In 2002 the organisation announced its intention to organise the event only once every 2 years. However, shortly after the Drachenfest of 2004 there was already talk of an event in 2005.

PRO: *2nd biggest event in Europe *A lot of freedom of play *Convincing rules *Rules in German, Italian and Dutch *International opening and concept *Continuous InTime *Central position in Europe

CONTRA: *unaccountable organisation *one every two years

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